eoSurgical is aiming to make surgery safer by providing surgeons with unique training equipment.

eoSurgical are a very exciting company to work with: their mix of expertise in the field of surgery (the majority of their team have a background in medicine) and tech start-up mentality have driven them to develop some hugely innovative and successful products – you only need to look at the string of awards they have received for evidence.

ICL Tech became involved with eoSurgical early in the development of their initial products and have been working closely with them ever since, helping with aspects of product design and materials selection.

Founder and Director Paul Brennan explains why eoSurgical and ICL Tech have such a strong relationship:

“As a freshly minted start-up we had a clear idea of what we wanted our product to look like, but neither the resources or know how to achieve this efficiently. We approached lots of companies to help, but ICL stood out in a number of ways. They helped with the whole process from design to finished product. Above all, we have a product that our customers appreciate, at a price we appreciate. We continue to develop the product with ICL’s help and have gone from strength to strength.'

Like what you see?




  • Improve aesthetics and product finish from initial prototype
  • Keep costs to a minimum
  • Streamline manufacturing processes to allow for batch processing



  • Working with eoSurgical, ICL Tech sourced new components and advised on materials selection to improve aesthetics
  • Components were standardised and simplified to reduce costs and allow for streamlined production




  • The initial product range has now matured and is being sold worldwide
  • eoSurgical continue to develop new innovative products with the help of ICL Tech

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