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One of the thrilling temporary exhibitions to decorate the halls of the Victorian era museum in the centre of Paisley was called ‘Light Fantastic’.  The exhibit showcased archival pieces from the museum’s Science and Nature collection. This included scientific instruments and other objects of antiquity, along with microscope samples and lantern slides.

ICL Tech was approached to develop a design for, and fabricate the bespoke illuminated displays, which showcased the microscope and lantern slides. The team at ICL assisted material selection and design for manufacturability.

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  • Securely display the delicate microscope and lantern slides
  • Easily insert and remove slides for storage
  • Allow for maximum light diffusion and  clarity




  • Through collaboration with Paisley Museum, ICL Tech created functional prototypes to test the ease of use when loading and unloading the case
  • ICL Tech sourced display quality acrylic sheets for optimum clarity and tamper resistant fixings to ensure the slides were secure within the display





  • The delivered cases were carefully fabricated to the exact specifications required
  • Light Fantastic exhibition was a success and the team Paisley Museum was very pleased with the result


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