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When customers approach us with a concept or design they’re developing - whether that’s from a rough sketch, or a solid 3D CAD model, we seek to understand their end vision, goals and objectives.

ICL Tech’s creative, engineering, and technical experts are highly experienced in add-valuing at all levels of the plastic product design process. Our aim is to achieve fit-for-purpose, cost effective polymer solutions that embrace the benefits of design for manufacturability (DFM)*.

Getting involved at concept development stage typically enables time and cost savings which are sometimes harder to achieve further down the line. Decisions made during the design phase can account for up to 70% of the final cost of a part.

Other factors that may affect the manufacturability of thermoformed plastics parts include: polymer selection, dimensional tolerances, functionality and operating environment variables, and secondary processes such as finishing.

Utilise ICL Tech’s design for manufacture expertise at concept stage, to save time and money on preliminary prototyping, tooling, ease of manufacture and unnecessary modifications later on.

Review your existing design to identify and eliminate constraints which may lead to costly manufacturing challenges further down the line.

Consult with ICL Tech to turn the initial spark of an idea into an optimised manufacturing-ready design.

Benefit from our investment in sophisticated CAD/CAM - computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing systems - that are interfaced to our CNC facilities. We can receive 2D and 3D file data from most major design platforms such as Solidworks, Rhino and Adobe.

Product Development

Our Concept Development department is a hive of creativity with qualified Product Design Engineers and Industrial Designers working on exciting projects from a variety of industries. Using leading CAD modelling software programs Solidworks and Rhino along with Adobe Creative Suite, our design team is capable of handling a diverse range of projects, not limited to plastics alone.

Graphic & Digital Design

ICL Tech have a wealth of experience with collaboration with top commercial brands on projects covering a variety of applications including way-finding, bespoke displays, signage and architectural installations. The ICL design team understand the intricacies of adhering to brand guidelines and meeting budget requirements whilst developing innovative and eye-catching solutions for digital and graphic design projects.

Engineering  Development

ICL Tech develop and produce parts to operate in the most extreme environments including subsea and aerospace applications. These products require precision engineering and strict quality control, both of which are at the core of what we aim to deliver with all the products we supply. Our Engineers can provide expert advice on materials and manufacturability to ensure your part is produced and functions optimally.

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