Concept Development

Our in-house Design and Manufacturing Engineers are on hand to help you develop your concept from the ground up, ensuring the final result meets all your requirements, whilst minimising costs and lead times.

We can help you through the initial design stage by advising you on manufacturing issues and material considerations, as well as suggesting alterations to improve the concept.

Our design staff can then develop CAD models of your product, allowing you to see a virtual 3d representation and concentrate on the detail design of your product.

Using the many resources we have in-house we can then develop prototypes to ensure the product meets all your requirements.

Quality and testing can then be carried out by our Quality Department to ensure the product meets tight tolerances and standards.

Once you are satisfied that the product is perfect the project can be moved to full-scale production using our manufacturing facilities.

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ICL Tech Ltd is a member of the ICL Plastics Group, registered in Scotland No.54592, registered office 80 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB.

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