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The complete digital, screen printing and spray painting service.

Finish your plastic creations with ICL Tech’s digital, screen printing and spray painting services to optimise your brand, enhance product aesthetics and achieve a vibrant, clean look. We take pride in achieving the utmost quality and accuracy in the end colour, texture, and quality of our graphics knowing this is a critical requirement for many plastic applications.

We print complex, photo-quality graphics on to the surface of plastic materials without compromising detail or losing quality. These printed surfaces can then be vacuum formed to produce a contoured graphic display. Bold, backlit, clean finish graphics appear across our customers’ branded, point of sale, retail display, signage products, kiosk and ATM surrounds.

In harsh outdoor or high-wear environments our high quality paints with UV resistance and anti-abrasion surfaces optimise the lifetime of numerous applications. Knowing which inks to use with each polymer, and how they will react to temperature, lighting, and their end-use environment, is essential to creating faultless, high impact graphics that will last. ICL Tech has the experience to help you make the right decisions.

Expert advice and attentive service from a qualified team.

Creative ideas and problem solving solutions to enhance the end look and feel of your application.

A wide range of colour choice, and surface finishes.

Integrated LED illumination and alternative lighting solutions.

Brand conscious colour-matching.

Weatherproof, UV resistant exterior grade finishes.

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