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ICL Tech Ltd specialises in manufacturing quality bespoke plastic products and components.

Our state of the art vacuum and thermoforming, fabrication, laser cutting, 3D printing and 3 & 5 Axis CNC machining capabilities allow us to meet customer specifications across a range of industries using our extensive library of thermoplastic materials.

We offer a comprehensive skill set across our computer aided design (CAD), engineering, production and project management teams, efficiently giving customers a full service resource from initial advice to after-sales support.

Bending, forming, shaping, trimming, welding, cutting, gluing, engraving, illuminating, printing and painting - we make whatever polymer product or part you need. Versatility and quality without compromise.

We are one of seven member companies in the ICL Plastics Group. The Group’s services and resources span materials distribution, precision plastic engineering, digital media and software solutions. Trusted expertise and reliability from an established business network. ICL Group has bases in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

  • We make plastic components for a wide and varied number of industries including aerospace and automotive components, medical housings, machine casings, electronic enclosures, and display products.
  • Using our industrial vacuum forming machines we can create three-dimensional parts with complex flowing curvature. These components can then be precision cut with our fully automated CNC machines, ensuring tight tolerances are met.
  • We operate large industrial vacuum forming machines with a maximum bed size of 2x1.5m. ICL Tech can accommodate most thermoforming requirements as well as reducing costs on smaller parts by forming multiples on each pull.
  • ICL Tech has partner distributors for our niche banking and oil industry products in the United States. Please call if you would like to discuss reselling our products.
  • ICL Tech’s large single-piece part production capacity is often the preferred alternative for OEMs and companies that want to reduce the time and costs associated with multi-component manufacturing and assembly.
  • A wide selection of colored perspex and acrylic sheets can enable custom order “class A” finished parts that remove the need for post-production painting and polishing.

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